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Very convenient service, offering constant updates on timing. The two men who collected the sofa were professional and friendly.

  • Sarah E.

I was genuinely impressed. Within a few minutes, I got several quotes. The whole process was very smooth.

  • Tyler D.

Fantastic and friendly service. Guidance in selecting the correct unit size was highly beneficial.

  • Skyler L.

Excellent and professional service with a lot of friendliness. I'd highly recommend Junk Disposal Greenwich for anyone needing a house clearance.

  • Emily

Flawless cleanup solutions offered. Expertly tackled the removal of an overgrown and inconvenient large compost heap that was being used as a garbage dump-fast and efficient service, without breaking the bank.

  • Patricia Feller

If you're looking for a professional company to handle your removal needs, look no further than Rubbish Clearance Service.

  • Leslie R.

From beginning to end, working with Rubbish Collection Service for our clearance needs was a delightful experience. The team was professional, efficient, and produced remarkable results.

  • Courtney

10/10 would recommend this fantastic low-cost property clearance option.

  • Jerome Tully

I highly recommend their waste removal service, as they were the epitome of professionalism and friendliness during my experience with them.

  • F. Webster

When it comes to getting rid of any clutter or trash from my customer's premises, these guys are the best! Their service is prompt, reliable, and fairly priced. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of waste disposal services.

  • F. Guzman

The guys pulled up in a gigantic van, all clad uniformly.Demonstrating professionalism and hard work, they completed their task diligently.

  • Edward B.

We couldn't have wished for a better service thanks to this outstanding group of people! Their timely arrival and dedication did not go unnoticed.

  • Elizabeth Waterman

Your commitment to providing exceptional service has made all the difference in this project, from my first online inquiry until completing the job.

  • S. Long

Absolutely wonderful experience! The loader made sure to keep us informed about where they were at all times, and their quickness, effectiveness, and amiable nature were outstanding. The rate was quite reasonable for hauling away our cumbersome old furniture. We will be repeat customers and won't even think about going elsewhere.

  • Kate Henry

By enlisting the help of the friendly and helpful junk removal team, my excess belongings were promptly removed. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for getting rid of unwanted items.

  • Margaret H.

I am thoroughly impressed by the level of service provided by this trash hauler - their dedication, efficiency, and professionalism were evident in every step of the process.

  • Ruby T.

Been using their waste disposal for a while now and it's been incredible! Super fast same day service, and all the workers are really nice and always work incredibly hard.

  • Emma Richards

Incredible service! The guys came ahead of schedule, performed their tasks quickly and were extremely helpful.

  • Leslie

Amazing team - they were punctual and very efficient!

  • Peter

The crew at Rubbish Clearance Service displayed excellence in performing our waste clearance task - absolutely immaculate!

  • Alicia Smith

Employing Rubbish Clearance Service was remarkable! The entire process from acquiring a quote to the clearance today was done professionally. They finished clearing my mom's house within 3 hours.

  • Frank G.

No complaints about Rubbish Collection Service. The price was good, the rubbish removal was done very quickly and without fuss, and the team were very nice.

  • Sheeba H.

If I had to give RubbishRemovalGreenwich a score out of ten, I think it would be about eleven or twelve. My spare room looked downright impenetrable before they saw to it, and now I can actually use it! I'm extremely happy with the results!

  • Heather Gates

The service was very smooth and efficient, not to mention excellent value for money. The team arrived on time and completed the work very quickly, leaving my back room rubbish-free in next to no time. I will gladly give Junk Disposal Greenwich a recommendation.

  • Stuart Clark

We have always been very diligent tenants and made sure the landlords do not face trouble because of us. Junk Collectors Greenwich helped us three times for taking care of the property clearance at the end of our tenancy. Finally when we decided to move in our own house, they had to be the ones to help us with the clearance. We thank you for the helps. Hats off to your brilliant team!

  • Fray and Mike

I had a new kitchen and with it new flooring and wall tiles. But, it was amazing how much rubbish we accumulated in having everything new. A relation suggested we used Rubbish Collection Service to take it away. We called and booked a meeting to obtain an estimate. The representative was helpful and calculated a price which we were happy with, so we arranged rubbish removal. The truck arrived promptly and the load of waste was soon piled on the back and out of our way. It was all going to a reprocessing plant, to be reused, which I was very pleased with.

  • Betsy Gray

Rubbish Clearance Service were wonderful after my grandma died. Though we had got rid of most of the better stuff, this wonderful company dealt with the clearance of the last loads. The staff did a super job and cleared everything away and tidied up afterwards. A great service for a good cost!

  • Theresa M.